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Every year since 2007, Michels & Hanley hosts the Networking for a Cause Fundraiser.  This fundraiser consists of a Toy Drive, a Food Drive, and a Pet Supply Drive.  The Toy Drive benefits the medically frail children of Angela's House. The Food Drive benefits Kings Park families in need.  The Pet Supply Drive benefits the animals residing at Yorkie911 Rescue.  Please take a moment to read about these amazing organizations, the types of items that are needed, and how you can help by making a monetary donation.

Additionally, we recently started a Handmade Holiday Card Drive for the children of Angela's House.  See below for more information.

Networking for a Cause, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your donations are tax deductible.

Click here to donate via credit card or debit card.


Due to the severe ailments that the medically frail children of Angela's House suffer from, most of these children cannot play with traditional toys. We collect stuffed animals, DVDs, books, CDs, comic books, and gift cards to stores that sell these items. All items must be new (and still sealed whenever possible).

- Brand New Stuffed Animals (nothing oversized, must be brand new)
- New/sealed DVDs (G or PG rated movies only)
- New/sealed CDs (Music geared towards children - no CDs with parental advisories)
- Books/comic books (Brand New or Like New condition. Nothing violent or graphic - books should be geared toward children)
- Gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, or Target so we can purchase additional toys.
- Checks made payable to Networking for a Cause, Inc. so we can purchase additional toys

- Click here to donate via credit card or debit card

Who are Technology Dependent, Medically Fragile, and Chronically Ill Children?

The advances of modern medicine are saving more infants and children with life threatening illnesses, premature deliveries (births) and significant accidents and trauma. A small number of these surviving children are left with complex medical conditions that require medical technology and skilled nursing support to avoid further illness or death. These frail children are commonly referred to as Technology Dependent, Medically Fragile, and Chronically Ill Children.

What Medical Devices or Support does Technology Dependent, Medically Fragile, and Chronically Ill Children Need?

There is a vast range of conditions or illnesses affecting technology dependent children. The majority of these children require nursing support or nursing care. This ranges from monitoring vital signs to administration of medications to control medical conditions, such as seizure disorders and pulmonary problems. Many of these children are unable to eat or drink orally and may require intravenous hydration or gastrostomy feeding tube. Some of these children also must depend on advanced technologic support in the form of mechanical ventilation and the respiratory care associated with them. Finally, in addition to these medical problems, many of these children are also compounded by developmental and learning delays, which adds to the complexity of their education and care.

For more information about Angela's House, please visit

“I met Michael Hanley and expressed the need that Angela’s House had in obtaining toys for the medically frail children we work with. In a very short amount of time, he was able to leverage his contacts to help us so that we could bring some joy to the children and families we work with. We had boxes of videos, books, and toys that we were able to deliver to the children and their families. Michael has continued to organize a community outreach program each year to collect toys for the children.”

Bob Policastro
Founder and Executive Director, Angela’s House



Yorkie911 is local Rescue Group that rescues Yorkies and other small dog breeds.  Let's help the animals they care for by donating pet treats, pet toys, and various other pet supplies.  All items should be new or in "like new" condition.
Paper Towels (select-a-size preferred) 
Laundry Detergent (Purex, Tide, or Persil liquid or pods)
White Hand Towels
XL Wee Wee Pads (Top Paw preferred)
Disposable Male Wraps (XS or Small)
Simple Green Household Cleaner
Crate Pads (24" or 36")
Heavy Duty Large Garbage Bags
Replacement Heads for O'Cedar Spin Mop
Gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, or Pet Supplies Plus so we can purchase additional food, toys, and supplies
Checks made payable to Networking for a Cause, Inc. so we can purchase additional food, toys, and supplies.

- Click here to donate via credit card or debit card



- Non-perishable food items. An emphasis should be based on the quality of the items and not on the quantity of the items. The food bank would prefer one can of hearty soup or chili over 10 cans of broth or tomato paste.
- Gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, or Stop & Shop so that we can shop for the specific items that the food panty needs.
- "Free Turkey" coupons. If your supermarket has a "spend $x and get a coupon for a free turkey" promotion and you do not need your free turkey coupon, donate it and the food pantry will ensure that a family in need will have a hearty Thanksgiving meal this year!
- Check made payable to Networking for a Cause, Inc. so that we can shop for the specific items that the food panty needs
- Click here to donate via credit card or debit card

“Your wonderful donations during the Thanksgiving-Christmas season are so much appreciated.  Your thoughtfulness gives us the protein basis for many meals for our clients.  These meals are an excellent help to some ofour clients who live in housing with very limited kitchen facilities.  We thank you for all the help you give us.”

The Pantry Staff
St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry in Kings Park



Some rules/guidelines for the cards:

- All cards should be delivered to Michels & Hanley by Wednesday, November 15th so Angela's House has enough time to distribute the cards before the holidays. They can be mailed, overnighted, or dropped off to 12 Bank Avenue in Smithtown, NY 11787.

- Holiday-specific cards (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc) are fine, but generic holiday cards are preferred so we have more flexibility when giving them out to any children who celebrate other holidays.

- Cards must be handmade. Preferably by children, but adults should feel free to get in on the fun as well.

- Don't address the cards to any specific child's name. The nurses will be distributing the cards based on which child they think would be the best fit for each card.

- We're looking for a nice balance of boy-themed, girl-themed, and neutral cards to make sure everybody gets one that is appropriate for them.

- Try to avoid any type of "get well soon" or other well wishes. We want these to put a smile on the kids' faces and help them take their minds off their illness.

- If you are involved in any type of group or organization for children (Teacher, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Boy Scouts, Sports Teams, etc) and think this might be a nice project for the kids to participate it, we'd love for you to do so.

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